About Mulder Builders

At Mulder Builders, we design and build custom tailored homes. We create spaces that work well and look fantastic! Our homes are always ahead of industry standards and built to last.

We pride ourselves in being honest and reliable and our clients can trust that we will respect their time, budget, and unique personalities. Your home should be as unique as you are while being innovative and long-lasting. This is where you will foster family relationships and hold space for the people and things that you love. We value your trust in us with one of your biggest decisions – where you live with your family – and endeavor to create an intimate builder/client connection. This isn’t just an investment – this is your HOME.

Custom Homes

Every home or renovation is approached by learning and understanding the needs of the home owner in regards to how they want to use the space, their personal design taste and their budget. Once we have narrowed down all of the necessaries and desirables, we set out to plan your custom space. Their input combined with our experience is where the innovation happens.


Do you love where you live? Can’t imagine leaving your neighbors? Always dreamed of finding a diamond in the rough? Then a renovation is probably the answer. Bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, additional space or a fun lipstick makeover are all projects we can take care of for you. In fact, these have become Tammy’s favorite projects. You don’t have to knock down walls for it to be worthwhile. Simple changes of an existing layout and updating fits and finishes can dramatically change the way you love your home.

Our Family Team

Mulder Builders is a family-owned and operated company that has been working in Medicine Hat since 1996. It began with Dave and his father Slim in the early years combing their varied construction experience with their ability to connect and build trust with clients.

Dave is passionate about the industry as well as maintaining Mulder Builders’ identity as a family company. He loves the geeky nerdy things about home building science and energy efficiency. Dave is innately genuine with a deep love of what he does and is generously committed to the industry. He has been a journeyman carpenter for 25 years, has volunteered his time on many committees and is the current past president of the Canadian Home Builders Association – Medicine Hat Chapter.

Tammy enjoys the challenge of bringing each client’s vision to life. By getting to know you, how you flow in your home and what you envision accomplishing by building or renovating, she will work hard to bring the aesthetic desire in line with the overall project. She is persistently searching for new products and trends and inspiration to offer to her clients as she believes that your home should be a place to inspire you, to rest and to recharge.

Aaron joined the team in 2017 after 15 years of construction in Calgary. He has impeccable attention to detail and a tireless effort to do things right! He sees the sum of all of the hundreds of details it takes to get the result we are chasing. He may be Tammy’s biological brother, but he is Dave’s kindred twin.

Collectively, we love building innovative, unique and efficient homes. And, we enjoy the process along the way. We look forward to the hours we will get to spend together over the course of your project and we promise you this can be an excellent experience!